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Bathbomb - Hawaiian sea

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Let yourself be lulled by this sweet moment that will free your mind from all worry.

Made by Efferv'essence.


  • Baking soda, Citric acid, Sweet almond oil, Epsom salt, Tartar cream, Witch hazel hydrolat, Polysorbate 80*, Fragrance.


  • 75 g.


Efferv'essence bath bombs colour the water playfully for the pleasure of the eyes of young and old.

Don’t worry, they don’t stain the skin or the bathtub.

The soft almond oil will moisturize the skin of young and old leaving you a soft and silky feeling.

Polysorbate 80 is a non-ionic emulsifying agent consisting of sorbitol, ethylene oxide and oleic acid. It is widely used in lotions, conditioners, cream rinses, shampoos, liquid soaps, body polish or scrubs, as well as body sprays and flax sprays.

Each bath can is individually handmade. This means that all bath bombs have some slight variations and none will be exactly the same. 

They can also be used only once. Attempting to divide the bath bomb to remove several uses may simply destroy its integrity and effectiveness.


All the cosmetics at Tah-dah! have been made with love and great care by a Quebec artisan.

This image is generic. Each piece is unique and may differ slightly from the image.

Keep in mind that the actual colors of the object may differ depending on your screen.

Bombe de bain mer hawaïenne. Vendue chez Tah-dah ! Bombe de bain mer hawaïenne. Vendue chez Tah-dah !

We spoil ourselves at Tah-dah!

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