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Embroidered Patch - Octopus

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Embroidered patch that will please at first glance! 

Made by RippleSplashStudio.


  • Length: 9 cm.
  • Width: 8 cm.


  • Thread, adhesive, cotton, 100% embroidered



** Make sure that the surface on which you want to place the patch is safe for iron. And the surface and back of the patch are dust-free and clean. **

1 - Put a thin cloth on the patch (patch turned up)

2 - Heat the iron to 400F (or cotton setting).

3 - Iron firmly for 30-45 sec, in a slow circular motion, then turn the garment upside down and repeat the ironing on this side for 30-45 sec.

4 - Wait a few minutes for the patch to cool and if the edges can be lifted, repeat the ironing steps.

Washable patches.

All designs at Tah-dah! are made with love and great attention by a Quebec artisan.

This image is generic. Each piece is unique and may differ slightly from the image.

Keep in mind that the actual colors of the object may differ depending on your screen.

Patch brodé - Pieuvre

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