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Scouring pad - Red

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Reducing your ecological footprint ? Yes please !

Made by La Capitaine Crochète.


  • Regular: 9 cm.


  • 100% Nylon.


Lifespan: at least several months. Over time, the color may change without affecting the effectiveness.

After use: wring out and hang to dry.

Very easy to clean. To clean your scouring pad, you can:

-put it in the top basket of the dishwasher;

-soak in hot water with baking soda;

-wash in a washing net (do not put in dryer).

Caution: Excess dye may be released during initial cleaning and use, especially for red and purple.

Effective on a wide variety of surfaces without scratching including:

stainless steel;

non-stick coating of pots, pans, moulds and plates;


glass ceramic (the top of the oven);

the glass;

the plastic;


the enamel;

the dishes;


the inside of the oven;

and more.

All Tah-dah! scrubbing pads have been made with love and care by a Quebec artisan.

This image is generic. Each piece is unique and may differ slightly from the image.

Keep in mind that the actual colors of the object may differ depending on your screen.

Tampon à récurer - Rouge Tampon à récurer - Rouge. Vendu chez Tah-dah ! Tampon à récurer - Rouge. Vendu chez Tah-dah !

We spoil ourselves at Tah-dah!

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